Labeling for ski areas

Ski areas can use the results of the Montenius ski area valuation in their own marketing. This includes the individual results regarding Skimiles, ski area comfort and the valuation of snow reliability as well as the individual base values from skiable area to lift riding comfort.

In addition, ski areas can use the following awards for advertising:

  • Most valuable ski area (worldwide, country, state, region such as Colorado)
  • Rank ski area value (2nd-most valuable ..., also in different regional divisions)
  • Largest ski area (worldwide, country such as USA, state, region)
  • Rank ski area size
  • Most comfortable ski area (worldwide, country, state such as Utah, region like Lake Tahoe), highest lift riding comfort, highest skiing comfort
  • Rank ski area comfort
  • Ski area with the highest snow reliability
  • Rank snow reliability.

The use of individual results or awards requires a fee. Please contact us for an individual offer.